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Audio Post Production Course

Building on the success of our established portfolio and the world-renowned heritage of Abbey Road within the film and TV industries, we have created this specialised course that focuses on all the key aspects of audio post-production for film and TV. 

Our aim is to create well-trained, confident audio post-production professionals who can bring immediate value to employers and businesses within the industry. We do this by delivering the highest standard of “real-world” vocational training and education. You will work on a variety of projects including; recording sound on location, dialogue editing, sound design, foley recording, dialogue replacement, creating and editing sound effects as well as mixing in 5.1 and Dolby Atmos for TV, Streaming and Film. 

The course curriculum is designed to build up your skills and knowledge in a logical way, ensuring you understand and are confident in all areas of post-production audio. You will follow and learn the workflow of a real industry project, from recording through to editing and mixing on a variety of material.

As a student on this course, you will gain a thorough technical understanding of the entire process of producing sound for moving image. You will use specialised equipment and software to work on a cross-section of “real-world” projects that reflect best practices within the audio post-production industry. This prepares you for the demands of a fast-moving workplace.  Industry content includes a range of different titles from Studio Canal.

Workflow Learning

This course is organised to follow the steps that would be taken from the inception of a project to its delivery. From synchronisation and track laying to dubbing mixing and deliverables, your learning experience will mirror how a project comes to life inside a commercial facility.

We believe that you learn by doing. You’ll be taught in an apprenticeship style, with practical hands-on lessons in all the modules, so you can develop a broad range of new skills, confidence and experience that you can take into the workplace. You will be allocated lots of time in our facilities to undertake project-based exercises working with household name motion picture titles.

Our approach to teaching and learning will encourage you to take full ownership of your work and be responsible for it at every stage. The course also looks at different creative approaches so you can explore different genres and ways of creating sound to suit the material you work on.

Upon completion, you will be familiar with the structure of the industry and the roles within it. Your knowledge of vital technical considerations such as synchronisation, loudness, reference levels, monitoring and metering will help you to progress confidently within the industry.

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The curriculum is fantastic, extremely comprehensive, contemporary and relevant to today’s industry.

Andrea Mastroiacovo, Graduate 2018

Applying for the diploma was the best thing I could have done for my career. I'm really amazed at how much I learnt in one year.

Lizzie Arnold, Graduate 2019

There is some real visionary foresight in Abbey Road Institute being established to preserve the cultural legacy of Abbey Road.

Youth (Paul McCartney, The Verve, Killing Joke)

I had an incredible experience. The staff have so much to offer and cover so many different areas of music.

Luke Glazewski, Graduate 2019

The course taught me what it means to be a producer and engineer in the industry, I learned things I couldn’t have learned anywhere else.

Marta Di Nozzi, Graduate 2019

It’s a unique experience in so many ways, the location, the calibre of guest lecturers and access to Abbey Road Studios for classes is pretty amazing. There aren't many places you get to record a full orchestra!

Jason O’Bryan, Lecturer

Come with an open mind and a voracious appetite to soak up the magic! Be prepared to work hard - you’ll get out what you put in.

Ian Ramage, Lecturer