Joining forces with Royal Northern College of Music in Studio Two

McCartney-Lennon, Richards-Jagger, Leiber-Stoller.  Throughout rock history collaboration has often lead to some of the most successful art.  Here at Abbey Road Institute, we’re creating a collaboration of our own by partnering with the Royal Northern College of Music. Based in Manchester, the RNCM has become one of the leading conservatories in the world.  With accomplished alumni Sir Peter Davies, Christopher Bell and Sir Simon Keenlyside, the RNCM has a rich history in composition and performance.

Studio TwoProduction Techniques

Last week the RNCM brought down The Joe Keegan Band for a session with our students in Studio Two. All members of the band are currently students in the Popular Music programme headed by Andy Stott.  Northern Quarter Records, which signs and promotes select bands on the course.  The band paired up with producer Haydn Bendall (Kate Bush, Paul McCartney, XTC) to show the students what can be done in a single day of recording.  From breaking down song structure to writing Hammond organ parts the session was a burst of creative energy.

Students Working Together

The session gave our students an opportunity to work alongside one of RNCM’s finest student bands. The band bounced ideas off the students as they collaborated on the background vocals.  Student Hayley Roscoe had and idea in the control room and suggested harmonies for the chorus. Singer Joe Keegan described it as simply ‘the ‘best day working with double Grammy Award-winning producer Hayden Bendall.  It was a great opportunity.’

Studio Two


Andy Stott, Head of Popular Music at RNCM described what it was like for the students to get the opportunity to be in such a special studio.  ‘Abbey Road is such an iconic British studio, where some of the most important and influential popular music of all time was and is still created.  The session was an incredible learning experience and to be able to work with a producer of Haydn’s experience and expertise was truly inspiring.’ All the students got to experience a professional session with an experienced producer using some of the finest equipment in recording.  Andy explains ‘we train students to become professional performers and independent original artists through a combination of intensive study and real-world experience.’  


A fruitful collaboration

Abbey Road Institute Campus Manager Mike Sinnott shares Andy’s enthusiasm “RNCM attracts talented students, teachers, conductors and composers from around the world. As we expand, this exciting collaboration provides the Insitute with not only the chance to record new orchestras but it also increases the collaborative opportunities for our students.

It looks like there will be many exciting collaborations ahead! ‘It will be a mutually beneficial experience in this new partnership. Not only will they have the opportunity to work in the iconic Abbey Road Studios, but also to cultivate creative relationships that have the potential to develop throughout their professional lives. I’m delighted that we are able to explore the synergies between our programmes and to be at the cutting edge of the future of the popular music industry by training the future leaders of our profession.’


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