Louis Upton-Wheeler

Louis Upton-Wheeler

Louis Upton-Wheeler graduated in 2022, and now works as an assistant to fellow alumni, David Leondi, at his studio, Rosslyn Hill Studio. On top of this, he helps run events at The Alpaca in Islington. This ranges from weekly DJ sets to Folk Nights to open mic and comedy events.

At Rosslyn Hill Studio, Louis assists Dave in every sense of the word. He acts as his right hand man, which means assisting in engineering and mixing sessions, helping Dave develop the business of the studio, running the social media and scouting new clients to collaborate with. As this is a new studio, their main focus is to build their roster of clients and develop the studio space to be a professional and comfortable environment to work in. As well as this, Louis and Dave regularly write and compose together with artists that visit the studio.

Louis says some of the biggest highlights of his career so far have been seeing the first singles recorded at Rosslyn Hill Studio be released and met with great feedback. A recent release that he is especially proud of is ‘Pastéis de Nata’ by Saachisen. Another highlight has been releasing the track ‘Falling Asleep on Her Dreams’ with his band, Phantom Booth, in 2022. The track was recorded between our own Custom 75 studio at Abbey Road and Rosslyn Hill Studio. This track includes string arrangements from fellow alumna, Abigail Adams, which Louis says ‘transported the song into a new dimension and added so much character to an already emotional track’.

For the future, Louis wants to continue helping Dave develop his business at Rosslyn Hill Studios. Whether that means bringing in more clients or developing his ability as a songwriter/producer. He also plans to continue his work as a session musician playing for groups such as Francis La Lune and Air Circus.

He also aims to take his band Phantom Booth to the next level of their career. With an impressive roster of  historic venues such as the ‘Hope and Anchor’ and ‘The Lexington’ already under their belt, they now have a plethora of recorded material ready to be released and gigged that they hope will attract new listeners.