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Graduates inspiring the next generation of young women in tech

It’s a late summer Saturday, and the beautiful art deco theatre of the O2 Academy in Glasgow is filled with buzzing young women and a blue-purple glow. Two young ladies, both a little nervous, are preparing to give a presentation about something they are both passionate about – Music Production! And the beautiful setting makes […]
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Abbey Road Institute students awarded internship Down Under

Have you ever thought about doing an internship abroad? A growing number of employers and companies value candidates that have gained cross-cultural work experience. This is no exception within the music industry. But how do you obtain international practice? In this article, we’ll be exploring the benefits of doing an internship abroad. Abbey Road Institute […]
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From software development to musical impact

What do musicians and programmers (software developers) have in common? More than you might think! Meet John Butcher, student at Abbey Road Institute London with an important mission: he wants to make something that hasn’t been done before. Now we hear you thinking: “Isn’t that what every artist or music producer wants to do?” Many […]
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Global Graduation 2018 Video highlights!

Graduation Video 2018 Watch some of the highlights from our 2018 Abbey Road Institute Global Graduation Ceremony at Abbey Road Studios. On Friday 26th October 2018, we welcomed graduating music production and sound engineering students, industry guests, friends and family members from all over the world to our annual celebration, which took place in Studios […]
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Q&A with Carlos Lellis – Programme Director at Abbey Road Institute

Carlos Lellis worked closely with engineers at Abbey Road Studios to design our curriculum. He is extremely dedicated to our students’ success and has a wealth of widsom to share. Is it any wonder he gets mentioned so often by our profiled alumni? Carlos loves talking about music, recording equipment, and food (in that order). […]
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Alumni Achievements: Arthur Navarro

Getting a record deal wasn’t why Arthur Navarro came to Abbey Road Institute, but he’s graduating with one! Along with his Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering, of course. After impressing music producer and frequent guest lecturer Youth, Arthur’s debut solo album Polyphonic Omnipresence (grab it on iTunes!) was released on 26 October […]
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Global Graduation Ceremony 2018 Highlights

Graduation ceremony 2018 at Abbey Road Studios On Friday 26th October we were excited to be celebrating our annual global graduation ceremony at Abbey Road Studios.  Our staff and music production students, gathered together alongside family, friends and our industry guests to recognise and celebrate the culmination of 12 months of hard work. This is […]
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Alumni achievements: Gabriëlle Stok

A full-time job at a recording studio? Yes, it’s possible! Just ask our recent graduate Gabriëlle Stok. Not long after completing our Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering, Gabrielle impressed the staff at SARM Music Village (aka SARM Studios) enough to land herself a permanent place on the roster. Pay close attention to […]
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Analogue vs digital: the debate ends here!

Analogue versus digital: If you want a lively discussion between sound engineers and music producers, this might be a good place to start. Our recording studio and mixing studios have plenty of outboard gear for our students to work with. However, we also make sure our students are fully prepared to work entirely in the box. […]
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Good times! Studio One with Jerry Barnes and Ralph Rolle

We all collectively freaked out at the opportunity to be in Studio One with drummer Ralph Rolle and bassist Jerry Barnes of The CHIC Organization yesterday: Two incredibly talented musicians and producers, both with long, successful careers. Our March students were extremely lucky to be in the control room as they worked on some soon-to-be […]
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