Learning from a pro in Abbey Road’s Studio Three

What’s it like to record at Abbey Road Studios?

We finished January on a high at Abbey Road Institute, with a recording session in Abbey Road’s Studio Three. We invited in expert engineer Alex Scannell, who previously worked at Abbey Road Studios for over 10 years and now runs Audio Spark Mobile.

Along with Alex we had the pleasure of working with the brilliant, alternative, psychedelia, indie band Desert Ships. You should definitely check them out on Soundcloud!

The morning was spent setting up in the live room, with Alex showing us the ropes to get the drums and mics in the optimum position then moving onto the bass, guitar and piano.  Alex was keen to share his expertise and knowledge, taking time to talk through each of the different stages and answering lots of questions from our students.  Here are a few shots from the session to wet your whistle! And you can see some videos over on our Facebook page.

If you think this could be you and you’d like to apply to study with us find out more on the course page for our Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering.