Mat McKinley

Mat McKinley

Mat McKinley worked during the 90’s and early noughties as a free-lance media composer, including stints as an in-house composer for The Music Sculptors, and worked on a multitude of different projects covering TV and radio commercials, animation series, interactive media, exhibitions, theatre, modern dance and voice-overs. His work has been heard on the BBC, ITV, Channels 4 and 5, Sky and many other national and international satellite and cable networks.

He also spent 20 years teaching in an audio engineering college in London where he wrote the music curriculum. In 2006 he set up Hotwired Music as a platform for his teaching methods. He has authored books on music creativity and hosted masterclasses on accelerated learning, piano improvisation and composition in the UK and around Europe.

Mat also works for the Ecole Des Mines, one of the top engineering and scientific universities in France, coaching students in creativity using music and divergent “out of the box” thinking.

A lifetime interest in how performance is affected by one’s belief mechanisms has led to Mat writing and leading different training workshops and programs for EM Lyon business school, the Chamber of Commerce in France and team led organisations and private business owners throughout the UK, Amsterdam, Jersey and Berlin.

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