Entry Requirements

Who is this course for?

This short course is a beginner level programme. There are however some basic requirements that you need to meet to be eligible for this course:

  • You must be 18 years old or above.
  • You should be able to identify both the white and black keys on a keyboard by their letter names and also know the black key references such as F# (sharp) or Gb (flat) etc
  • You will need to have a good level of English to get the most out of the programme and participate in the activities involved. Whilst we don’t assess your English, if you are not a native English speaker, we recommend you’re at IELTS level 5.5 or above to benefit from attending this course

Entry Requirement FAQs

What level is the course at? Is it right for me?
This is a beginners level course so we do not expect you to have any previous experience with music theory.

We do however recommend that you can identify the white keys on a keyboard by their letter names and know the black key references such as F# (sharp) or Gb (flat) etc.

Does the course have a qualification?
Whilst this course is not an ABRSM qualification, it includes specific elements from grades 1, 2 and 3. These have been specifically chosen to give you a set of tools that can open the door to understanding music in a way that is practical, comprehensible and usable.

Do I need to have experience as a producer to join this course?
We have created this course with producers and engineers in mind however it is not necessary for you to have a background or experience in music production.

Will I be using ProTools, Logic or other DAWs as part of this course?
While Logic Pro X will be used for some in-class demonstrations, you are not required to have prior experience working with a DAW.

Will this course help me meet the entry requirements for the Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering?
Yes. If you have limited or no prior knowledge or experience of music theory then successful completion of this course will demonstrate to us that you are at an acceptable level to apply for the Advanced Diploma.

What our students think about the course

I found the course extremely helpful and have enjoyed it a lot! Mat is very knowledgeable, he puts a lot of musical context into what he’s saying, so it’s really refreshing to learn some areas of music theory that I didn’t have much knowledge of. I really liked Mat’s approach to teaching and would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone. I’ve learned a lot and got tons of things to apply it straight away, which is great!
Martin Thung

“I loved Mat’s way of teaching – it was quite unorthodox, but I really appreciated it. He moved away from the whole textbook approach and I liked how he taught us through playing the piano and using logic. I’m a visual learner so it was great seeing how the theory could be applied to the workstation and how much emphasis he placed on having fun and being free.”
Karyn Awotwi

“Mat’s course was amazing. Mat’s a great teacher who made understanding music theory easy, accessible and fun. Considering how much he went over in two days he really made a positive impression and impact!”
Lee Hutchings

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The curriculum is fantastic, extremely comprehensive, contemporary and relevant to today’s industry.

Andrea Mastroiacovo, Graduate 2018

Applying for the diploma was the best thing I could have done for my career. I'm really amazed at how much I learnt in one year.

Lizzie Arnold, Graduate 2019

There is some real visionary foresight in Abbey Road Institute being established to preserve the cultural legacy of Abbey Road.

Youth (Paul McCartney, The Verve, Killing Joke)

I had an incredible experience. The staff have so much to offer and cover so many different areas of music.

Luke Glazewski, Graduate 2019

The course taught me what it means to be a producer and engineer in the industry, I learned things I couldn’t have learned anywhere else.

Marta Di Nozzi, Graduate 2019

It’s a unique experience in so many ways, the location, the calibre of guest lecturers and access to Abbey Road Studios for classes is pretty amazing. There aren't many places you get to record a full orchestra!

Jason O’Bryan, Lecturer

Come with an open mind and a voracious appetite to soak up the magic! Be prepared to work hard - you’ll get out what you put in.

Ian Ramage, Lecturer