A big welcome to our September class!

Our September class has joined us at Abbey Road Institute this week! We’ve been getting to know our newest students over the past few months and we’re really excited to have such a talented group trust us to help them reach their music career goals. We’ve asked them to share those with us so that we could, in turn, share them with you, and explain in their own words how we can help make them happen. Here’s what some of them had to say…

Thomas, 25, UK
I want to achieve a greater understanding of music production and engineering so I can complete my own recordings to an industry standard, and do the same on other artists’ work. I want to learn about film scoring/TV music as that’s something I’m very interested in. I like my compositions but I want to be able to turn them into records instead of demos and then apply that knowledge to any music I work on. This really hit me after hearing Giles Martin’s 2017 Sgt Pepper remix which was made at Abbey Road. I want my records to be as immersive as that, and where else could I learn how to do that?

Hayley, 26, Canada
My goals are to create a bangin’ portfolio to help me build a portfolio career as a producer, songwriter, artist, and technician. I’m also really excited to meet people with similar ambition and drive to collaborate with…I had the chance to go through the course syllabus with Carlos before I applied and I’m really excited about how current the information is and the depth and breadth of what we will be covering.

Leo, 22, UK
My goals for the course are to develop my understanding of all aspects of the music industry, whilst also pushing myself and working as a producer of my own content. The reasons to apply seemed obvious after visiting: An opportunity to be taught by those at the peak of their (incredibly impressive) professional careers, all with incredible knowledge of all topics surrounding music. And on top of this, an opportunity to work around, and use the unparalleled facilities of Abbey Road Studios.

Sebastiano, 42, Italy
I want to expand my skills in order to take part in top-class audio productions; and I can consider this a possibility by attending one of the most important and quoted institutes, located in the main European (and maybe world) marketplace for the music industry.

Mia, 18, UK
My goals for the course are to further develop my production and engineering skills as well as learn how to use new hardware and software equipment. Additionally, I want to be able to record and produce musicians of a variety of genres including rock and classical as I have an eclectic taste in music and think it’s important to learn recording techniques for a variety of genres. I decided to apply to Abbey Road Institute because I found the course was most relevant for what I want to study and covers all aspects of the music industry from production to music business. I was impressed by the facilities as well as the teachers, who have a lot of experience and knowledge in the industry.

Igor, 30, Estonia
First of all, I would like to increase my knowledge of mixing desks, Pro Tools, microphones, acoustics and room treatment. I would like to enhance the skills that I already have and – most importantly – I want to work with other producers and tutors and learn from them. This course is exactly what I was looking for. I started producing music years ago but never had an academic qualification in music production. My passion and drive for the music I create got me to this point, but professional guidance is required to make the most of my potential.

John, 26, UK
I intend to learn as much as possible from the course, and use the time to work out how the industry works to the best of my ability. I guess that above all else, my main goal for the year will be to learn how to record and produce an idea, deliver it to its maximum potential, and hopefully make my mark on something of quality that I can be proud of. I believe that Abbey Road Institute can provide a road to doing what I love for a living, and creates a unique opportunity for me to actually chase that idea. It is a place filled with enthusiasm, honest passion, and no small amount of talent. Abbey Road tends to attract the best in their field, and hopefully I will find the opportunity to work with these people.

Sinéad, 18, Ireland
My goals for the course are to learn how to record and produce music to a professional level and to learn about the different roles that are available within the music industry. It is my intention to learn as much as I can about music production and hopefully embark on a career in this industry. I chose Abbey Road Institute because I want to be surrounded by inspirational people who have a similar passion for creating music, in an environment that is state of the art.

Harry, 25, UK
My goals for the course are to learn, collaborate and create a musical body of work. To develop and pursue a career in this industry. I applied to Abbey Road Institute as it seemed to be the moshands-onon, intensive course out there. The history behind the place is priceless, and the passion behind all the staff and tutors was inspiring.

Boris, 24, Switzerland
My goals are to develop my overall music production and sound engineering skills first of all, and be able to call myself a music producer after this course. I also want to learn and collaborate with my fellow classmates, and record my first album. The main thing that motivated me to apply at Abbey Road Institute was the curriculum. I really wanted to make sure that this school was going to be challenging and that I was going to learn a lot about production and sound engineering. I love the fact that we can combine both worlds – that of musician as well as producer – because it’s essential, I think, to understand both to be a fully accomplished musician.

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