Meet Lauren Coker: Student Administrator and Marketing Assistant

We not only have a new location over in Angel, but also a brand new fresh face on the team. Meet Lauren Coker our new Student Administrator and Marketing Assistant. Lauren joins us this month, having previously worked at Strongroom and Red Bull Studios. She is ready to dive straight in and get hands-on with all things Abbey Road Institute. To find out more about Lauren, read on!

Lauren, it is a pleasure to have you here at Abbey Road Institute. Tell us about your background in music and what brought you to Abbey Road Institute?

I always knew from an early age that I absolutely belonged in the world of music. Some things come naturally to people and music is something that came naturally to me. I started singing in school choirs and productions which ultimately helped with my confidence. Although I knew I could sing, I also knew I wanted to do so much more. I studied Music Level 3 Extended Diploma at Kingston College, where I really started to explore all areas of music, particularly engineering. Being trained classically and contemporary, I was able to really learn in-depth about all musical genres. I soon found a strong interest in music business and love in production. It can be intimidating when you walk into a studio for the first time and see a huge digital desk, patch bay, channel strips, microphones and so forth. Once you learn, practice and give yourself some time, it all makes perfect sense.

Gradually I became more confident and capable in the studio, which led me to take on studio assistant roles and shadowing in my professional career. I strongly feel that all musicians need to have some understanding of a music studio and the process of recording/mixing. I feel for women, it is so easy to be put in the category of only being a singer. I didn’t want to be labelled just as a singer. I now see myself as an all-rounder.

What are you most looking forward to as being part of the team at Abbey Road Institute?

Joining Abbey Road is amazing and I honestly can’t wait to see what work and projects the students will be doing. It’s all nostalgic for me as I have already studied and learned everything they will be doing. Now I get the opportunity to see more talented people grow and do what they love just like I did. 

Can you say a little bit about what you’ll be doing in your role at Abbey Road Institute?

I’ll play a key role in helping students with their time at the institute. Being a strong support system, being present and giving them guidance for when they are leading up to completing the course. I’ll also be posting a lot of what we are up to on social media, putting on events/workshops and continuing to build the Abbey Road Institute community. What I love to do most is put on events, which is what I will be doing very soon once restrictions are gradually eased. Seeing everyone in one space, participating in something they really are passionate about really excites me.

What was the first single/album that you bought?

The first full album I listened to was Eminem, Encore. I would actually buy albums/singles to read the lyrics and eventually learned why a lot of words were bleeped out on the radio!

Who or what inspires you creatively?

I’m always inspired by musicians who are experimental. I am someone who loves all genres of music and I love seeing collaborations. Creating something innovative and different always draws me in. As a musician, it is important to not be scared to do something that has never been done.

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