KEEMOSABE – Follow the Symbols Part Two

After their Kickstarter Campaign, the guys from KEEMOSABE are back at Abbey Road!

Welcome back to Abbey Road Institute and congratulations ON the successful outcome of your Kickstarter project. How do you feel right now?

Thank you so much for having us back! We feel great. The precious support of our fans makes us feel incredible, It really does! We can’t wait to share with you guys all of the amazing things that are about to happen.

your campaign was successful within just 17 days. What were your expectations?

Well, we have to admit that we have worked really hard to make this campaign happen. We spent two months planning all the marketing ideas, organising material, rewards and updates for the campaign. We considered all the possible drawbacks, but we always kept a positive vibe with high expectations. It’s still unbelievable that we have funded the campaign in such a short time. Actually, that YOU funded this campaign with such a great and fulfilling response!

What happens next?

Now it’s time to keep up the good work and record our three singles. We will lock ourselves away in our rehearsal room and get ready for our US tour that’s coming up! The last few months were spent with gigging hard here in London and working on the pre-production of our songs,  here at the Abbey Road Institute. We are ready to make a great record here in Abbey Road Studios with engineer Stefano Civetta. He will add character to our songs and spice them up with his comprehensive musicianship. The last step will be mastering the songs with the sensational mastering engineer Alex Wharton and delivering our music all over the world.

It’s time to spread our songs and let people know that KEEMOSABE are out there willing to make them feel good when they listen to our tracks! Honestly, we couldn’t find a better place to give birth to our first compositions. We decided to release the record from A to Z here in Abbey Road Studios and we are super excited.

Andrea, you are an Advanced Diploma student at Abbey Road Institute. What does that mean to you to be able to finish your course soon and still be able to record in the Studios?

It’s a great opportunity and we don’t want to waste it. To be completely honest, this was definitely not an opportunity that “happened upon us”. As a matter of fact, we have worked really hard during this year, rehearsing, composing, producing and performing live really frequently. But, above all, we focused mainly on creating work connections, going out & attending networking events, A&R sessions, attending other peoples gigs, as well as keeping up with a good presence on social media platforms and concentrating on maintaining a deep and close connection to our fans.

Finishing my course and going straight to the Studios is a real dream,I still find it difficult to believe! I really want to be on the ball, using all the information that I have learned during this year at the Institute to create my band’s original music. This past year at the Institute has gone by so quickly. I wish I could stay for longer in this productive environment. But, on the other hand it is time now to go out there and inspire other people in the same way that I was inspired by all the great teachers, workers and students of Abbey Road Institute.



Can you tell me a bit more about yourself? How does the course help you with your role in the band?

Well, the course at Abbey Road Institute is a gold mine of inspiration for me. I am not only KEEMOSABE’s keyboard player: at the moment I am taking care of multiple matters. From running the pre-production sessions in the custom 75 recording studio, to making sure that everyone in the band is on the same path as far as the technical studio part of the record is concerned. My aim is to take advantage of all the knowledge I am collecting here. I want to make the best decisions for the musical production of the project.

To take care of both aspects studying and playing in the band is hard but manageable. Having classes in the morning allows me to have enough time to rehearse with the band in the afternoon. Being a full time student at Abbey Road Institute and a full time KEEMOSABE band member is deeply fulfilling and rewarding.

Here at Abbey Road Institute I have the opportunity to make really important work connections. I have the chance to have access to an incredible facility and I am trying to make the most of this experience.


You mentioned collaborations with other students in the blogpost before. Can you name one of the biggest collaborations at Abbey Road Institue?

One of the biggest collaboration that I experienced studying here is with my classmate Jack Lewin. He and his brother Patrick Lewin have a project called LEWN. Their eclectic musical influences range from the golden era of hip-hop to DIY punk. Whilst at the Institute, we had the pleasure to record in Abbey Road’s famous Studio Three this year. Also, I want to add that having our classmate Tim Wetter as a leader for our sessions with LEWN & KEEMOSABE, turned out to be an amazing resource for us all. I guess this is the beauty of being surrounded by the great musicians that study at the Institute; one of the main purposes of this school is to engage with the projects of your peers and to create outstanding and fresh musical collaborations!