Get Pro Tools Certified!

Good news for current and future Abbey Road Institute students: our core curriculum now includes the industry recognised Avid Certified User for Pro Tools credential.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our students become highly sought-after graduates in this competitive industry and we’re excited to be an official Avid Learning Partner. Here’s why students should be, too:

You gain an extra qualification

Being an Avid Certified User for Pro Tools doesn’t guarantee you a job, but having proof of your skill might be the extra advantage that opens up an opportunity for you over another candidate.

Your skill level will increase – and fast

Nothing beats structured learning, and ongoing access to our lecturers, to get to grips with Pro Tools quickly.  Keyboard shortcuts, best practices, and all kinds of workflow time-savers are covered in depth, and you will have plenty of opportunities to practice what you learn as you complete your course with us.

Your sessions will run more smoothly

Improved efficiency with Pro Tools means less frustration (and embarrassment!) during a session, and more time focused solely on the creative aspects of recording, editing or mixing. However, if something does slip your mind (hey, it happens), you’ll have the definitive Pro Tools manual to quickly reference what you need.  

Starting with our March 2018 intake, students will take their PT101 exam at the end of Term 1, and the PT110 course at the end of Term 2.

The courses will be taught by Avid Certified Instructor and experienced music producer and engineer, Jason O’Bryan. For the extra ambitious, we’ll be adding the option to certify as a Pro Tools Operator (Music) later in the year.

PT101 and PT110 are the foundation courses for a whole suite of advanced qualifications, some of which we may be offering in the future: Watch this space!

If you’d like to learn more about our industry-focused training, check out information online about our Advanced Diploma and Music Production or contact us for further advice.