Abbey Road Institute Summer Guestfest!

Guest lectures are an important part of our programme. Thanks to our incredible Music Business Lecturer Ian Ramage, Abbey Road Institute students have the opportunity to learn from some of the industry’s most influential figures. Here are just some of the guests visiting us this summer…

Helen Papaleontiou Head of Sampling & Infringements – Universal Music Group
Spoiler alert, Helen (pictured above) came to visit a few weeks ago. She spoke to our Term 3 students about using samples in a production. It’s not a free-for-all! As we learned, there are some serious copyright issues to consider if you want to avoid any legal troubles…

John Roddison – Managing Director, Brown McLeod
Brown McLeod is a chartered accountant firm that rocks. John heads up Brown McLeod’s Entertainments team, working with artists and businesses across music, TV, radio, film and more. As John will explain, a successful career begins with some proper business planning.

Christopher Ludwig – Director Digital Strategy, BMG
Ideas. Technical skills. Money. You need all three for a successful career in sound. The ideas are up to you, and we’ll show you the technical skills. Money? We’re handing music business finance over to Christopher.

Diane Wagg – Chair, Music Managers Forum
When it comes to artist management, it’s hard to find a more knowledgeable person than Diane. She’s managed studios, producers, and international stars. Diane is the Owner/Founder of Deluxxe Management and chairs the world’s largest professional community of music managers.

John Leahy – Director, Ignition Records
Artist development is all about taking your music to the next level, which John knows a thing or two about. He’s worked for some of the UK’s biggest record labels (including Polydor and EMI) and been involved in campaigns for Lady Gaga, Eminem and Noel Gallagher. Definitely next-level stuff!

Ann Harrison  – Consultant Solicitor, SSB
Ann is a successful lawyer specialising in the music business who has literally written the book on the music industry (Music: The Business. The Essential Guide to the Law and the Deals). Ann will guide Abbey Road Institute students through the tricky world of deal making and negotiation.

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