Rebecca Lewis

Rebecca Lewis

Since graduating in 2023, Rebecca Lewis has been working as a freelance producer and writer. She moved into her own studio in Stoke Newington in 2022 and has been working on live sessions with various artists. Rebecca likes to keep busy with a range of projects and has been working with Sony ATV-Score and HYPH. Here she creates various pieces of library and royalty free music. 

In order to make sure her sessions run as smoothly as possible, the Alumni has discussions with the artists ahead of their sessions. Here she talks about the direction of the session, their influences, goals and so on. Talking about this, Rebecca says, “every session is different, which “keeps it interesting!”  

The alumni keeps busy with the help of her management team ‘No Quarter Management.’ She often works with an artist called Maeve, who has supported BANKS on tour, and incredible up-and-coming artits such as Charlotte Plank, Lily Moore and Cloudy June.

Rebecca recently had a release with Izzi De Rosa titled ‘Cinderella.’ The track received playlistings on New Music Friday, New Pop UK and Our Generation. In addition to regular spins on BBC Radio 1. She has also recently taken on a change in pattern with pitch work for euro-dance and K-pop music. 

In 2023, Rebecca went to Amsterdam with the help of BMG publishing, to write and record with artists/writers/producers. She also had the chance to work with a variety of credible Dutch writers who came to London. Including dance producer CMC$, who invited her back to the Netherlands for more writing camps. Rebecca says, “It was a mad week, with a few songs being passed around some big names.”

Rebecca feels incredibly blessed that she’s been able to step out of our Institute and make music every day. For now, she’s preparing for her trip LA and is determined to make a name for herself out there.