Nico Wood-Oliván

Nico Wood-Oliván

After graduating from our Music Production course in 2020, Nico Wood-Oliván has since gone on to develop a career co-running the production duo CLIMAX. at a studio in Woolwich Works.

His job is still foremost and first sound engineering, music production and mixing, but naturally his responsibilities extend to the briefcase realm. Thus, his role often involves booking artists and planning studio sessions.

The alumni recently finished working on the production and mixing for Owen Kennedy’s debut LP.  Scheduled for release on Friday 29th March, Nicholas tells us that this is a project he’s “very proud of”. Throughout his discography, a few projects spring to mind as career milestones, including recording Chef’s debut EP to mixing a track for emerging rock band Blousey.

As well as a skilled producer, the alumni is also an artist and looks forward to developing his musical project NOVEMBER CRIMINAL. It’s been a year since he released his own music, however he has recently invested in some synths.

It’s with his experiences that the alumni now has more of a steady groove on the studio front. As for what’s next, Nico is excited to expand his clientele and help create quality music through his own innovative and authentic production techniques. 

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