Cory Lawrence

Cory Lawrence

Cory Lawrence is a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist who graduated in 2023 after having completed the Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering.

As a composer, Cory specialises in composing video game music in a variety of styles such as orchestral and jazz. Cory regularly composes for video game projects, such as the announcement trailer for the highly regarded community video game, Project: Eden’s Garden. Cory has also taken part in a number of video game jams as a composer and works on music for sync. Cory is also a content creator and has a YouTube channel with over 1 million views, Everything Fantasy, dedicated to video game arrangements, compositions and education, utilising skills such as video editing and coding.

Some of Cory’s highlights whilst studying on the course include creating a video game inspired by Abbey Road for the artist business presentations, performing keys at Abbey Road Studio Two for a song written by Jessi McDonald produced by Haydn Bendall, and inviting over a dozen artists from the London music community to feature on an original piece of music produced by Cory inspired by Wade in the Water.

Cory is also a school governor and avid public speaker,  having provided speeches at schools and organisations aiming to inspire young people. In January and March 2023, Cory ran sessions for the Arts Council funded project Unsigned and Gifted discussing the world of video game music.

His future ambitions are to open up more platforms for people to achieve their creative dreams and establish a studio one day to provide creative spaces for those without access. Separately Cory aspires to compose for larger video game projects and continue pursuing a career in sync.

Cory is currently a technician at the Abbey Road Institute which involves supporting students and being a runner in commercial sessions at Angel One. Cory will also be delivering lectures on video game music.