Tour Our Campus At Angel Studios With Antelope Audio

Back in the spring of last year, we took on the exciting and momentous project of relocating our campus and moving into Angel Studios, in North London.

To celebrate the reopening of Angel Studios we gave an exclusive tour to the team from Antelope AudioFollow Hannah Fitzgerald and Nik Georgiev on a trip around our new space. Watch the full video above to see behind the doors of 311 Upper Street.

What’s inside Angel Studios?

Angel Studios is home to two businesses side by side. Our specialist music production school, Abbey Road Insitute and one of London’s most beautiful recording studios, ‘Angel One’, which welcomes clients on a daily basis.

When we moved in last year our first priority was to open our two Tech Labs and our three Production Suites. To ensure we were ready for our students to move into in July. These were quickly followed by our dedicated recording studio for students, ‘Angel Two’. Then our brand new Dolby Atmos Suite ‘Angel Post’. And last, but by no means least, we reopened ‘Angel One’ the large studio upstairs which is home to the beautiful Speechly Pipe Organ. Angel One, is primarily a commercial studio. It hosts, again many different clients from film, tv and all genres of music. We also run recording and mixing workshops in this studio with our students as well as the sessions at Abbey Road and Studio 13.

Since Angel One reopened in January this year it’s played host to a vast array of different projects. These include recent film releases, ‘See How They Run‘, ‘Chevalier‘, Disney+’s ‘The Princess‘, Netflix’s ‘Persuasion‘, as well as Sam Smith recording strings for ‘Love Me More‘.

Curious to see more of angel studios?

Visit our location page to see each of the different Studios, Production Suites, Tech Labs and Dolby Atmos Suite. Discover some of the studio’s history in its early days in our interview with Frank Barretta.

Antelope Audio

A big thank you to Antelope Audio for taking the time to come and visit. Courtesy of Antelope we have the following equipment on-site at Angel:

  • Galaxy 32 Synergy Core inside Angel Two, the studio we use for teaching on a 32-channel SSL Origin console.
  • A Galaxy 32 Synergy Core can be found in the dedicated Atmos room for network connectivity and Atmos speaker management.
  • A Galaxy 32 and Galaxy 64 Synergy Core interfaces, clocked by a 10MX master clock can be found in a studio with a large 60-channel Neve 88RS console.

Over at Abbey Road in our dedicated recording studio, The Custom 75, which is used solely by our students we have:

  • An Orion 32 HD | Gen 3 which is used together with our 32-channel Custom 75 console for recording and mixing.
  • Edge Duo and Edge Quadro microphones
  • A Discrete 8 Synergy Core interface for location recording. ​​​​

Find out more about Antelope Audio on their website and YouTube channel.