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We look forward to meeting you, it’s easy to get in touch! Do you want to know what our Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering or our Advanced Diploma in Audio Post Production for Film and TV have to offer? Are you researching to find the right course for you? You’ll find answers to some of your questions in our FAQ. And we can tell you much more in person, by email, over the phone or via zoom.

We’re here to advise you on how to apply and what opportunities await you at Abbey Road Institute.

If you’re interested in booking the commercial studio at Angel Studios please find further information on the facilities and guidance on how to book here on the Abbey Road website.

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    An inspiring and incredibly well designed course that gave me the best musical education I could have dreamt of. Life-altering.

    David Dargahi, Alumni

    The curriculum is fantastic, extremely comprehensive, contemporary and relevant to today’s industry.

    Andrea Mastroiacovo, Alumni

    This course has helped to develop me into a well rounded producer, engineer, and musician. It has helped open doors to career opportunities that I would otherwise not have had access to. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for the fantastic team, course, and resources available at Abbey Road Institute London!

    Yvan Chambers, Alumni

    The course taught me what it means to be a producer and engineer in the industry, I learned things I couldn’t have learned anywhere else.

    Marta Di Nozzi, Alumni

    Abbey Road Institute trains you to deliver high quality work that matches industry standards.

    Martí Canales, Alumni

    I had an incredible experience. The staff have so much to offer and cover so many different areas of music.

    Luke Glazewski, Alumni

    The Abbey Road Institute helped me to unlock my musical potential.

    Cory Lawrence, Alumni

    Applying for the diploma was the best thing I could have done for my career. I'm really amazed at how much I learnt in one year.

    Lizzie Arnold, Alumni

    There is some real visionary foresight in Abbey Road Institute being established to preserve the cultural legacy of Abbey Road.

    Youth (Paul McCartney, The Verve, Killing Joke)

    It’s a unique experience in so many ways, the location, the calibre of guest lecturers and access to Abbey Road Studios for classes is pretty amazing. There aren't many places you get to record a full orchestra!

    Jason O’Bryan, Lecturer

    Come with an open mind and a voracious appetite to soak up the magic! Be prepared to work hard - you’ll get out what you put in.

    Ian Ramage, Lecturer